I have used Dr Earth Pot of Gold with good results. Pond Clay .5 cu' bags. Why are they hiding something if they choose not to pay a certification agency that came around after them. Wow – amazingly sad when seeing all these post with the negativity; after all we are all entitled our own personal opinions. They tested 82 products over three years and the results were not so good for the fertilizer companies. I appreciate a company that has taken the time, and the extra steps, for the benefit of their customers, and I spend my money in that direction to show my appreciation as well. Good for the planet. also, you have still not provided any links to articles you have written naming any other companies that use bat guano and rock phosphates…you keep diffusing and deflecting the direct questions we are asking you. Have you created a blog about them? The words “mycorrhizae, beneficial microbes, probiotic, natural & organic” seem to be following the word “green” as a great way to get people to buy something. Since I moderate the comments I can tell you that your comment, whatever it was, was not removed. I think he is a great marketer, and he has captivated his audience who would be wise to examine his claims a little more carefully. Dr. Earth converts over 380,000 tons of green materials into premium soil products each year. mgso2= 1tbs per gal, rock phosphate 1tsp per gal of soil topped with peat or coco. magazine today from our local nursery. 3) It’s *our* blog. I picked up Dr. Earth’s glossy (has glossy changed over the years in terms of sustainability?) Why settle for ordinary when Miracle-Gro. This Spring the lavender was dead and the bird, to my surprise, was still intact. $4.10 each ($0.02/fl oz) Add to list. Lisa- Where did you find this information? Do they work, good question and I am sure only a third party validation team will be able to discern this for us. Like he has to cater to you and your personal needs, I can read, I can decide what to buy, why should I bash Ford auto for not making a rear view camera in every car? we have freedom of speech, Jeff started this blog and when the water gets hot he gets this Linda lady in to remove the posts because he is probably running from a legal accusation that he is using federal funds from the university to promote his books and I suspect Linda is involved to a certain degree. Advancing the science of gardening and other stuff since 2009. Exotic Blend Cactus and Succulent Potting Mix (2) Model# 810X $ 14 50. these guys and Kellogg’s are criminals and should be shut down and forced to change their packaging. I sometimes think we dwell on minutia and miss the big picture. in. Blend ¼ cup of Dr. Earth® Organic 2™ Starter Fertilizer into the top 4 inches of the potting soil… if you get hung up on the mining practice of every organic source than you might as well not buy kelp either. See Our Tips. ” Dr Earth used Kellog’s as their distributor for some time: “Dr. The kicker. That turned out to be very bad advice. Then, do the negative heading like “Should I trust Kellogg’s?” and get into your dissertation of why you cant. What are the shipping options for organic potting soil? Potting Soil (8) Show All Soil Amendments (22) Filter Results Done Press enter to collapse ... Dr. Earth Pot of Gold All Purpose Potting Soil, 8 qt., 813. I was shocked and obviously angry when I stumbled on your forum yesterday because you are clearly attempting to defame a brand and its creator, when you are a professor and should behave accordingly. Any reason I’m “Mrs. Gina – oh my god! New Earth Potting Soil is a general purpose growing media for indoor and outdoor potted plants, container planting and raised beds. Also, could you forward the product information as to where it is harvested from? Linda, Frustrated in Apex NC so i started 72 tomatoes – 4 varieties under grow lights..the were doing awesome…thinned to 30 plants in 3” pots same exact bag of organic soil…they looked great for 2 weeks after transplant then I stared using Dr Earth….UGH…my view was 1/2 potency liquid fertilizer so I used 4 squirts per gallon…simple since full strength said 8 squirts….after 1 week 3 plans shriveled and died I though I must not be watering enough. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Planning Ahead (in a pandemic) for Vegetable Garden Success, The complicated issue of heavy metals in residential soils, part 2: How plant species and environmental variables complicate the issue, The worms crawl in and the worms crawl out but these worms kill your plants, Hydroponics for the Holidays? DR. EARTH 8 Qt. scotts top soil lawn soil top soil for grass garden soil … Give it a try… you’ll see PRIZE WINNING results! In the region we worked in, the soils were uniformly pretty poor unless we were doing a job at a McMansion down by a river/riparian area or former pastureland, then it just tended to have cobble but decent nutritious silty-loam. ... 1.16-Quart Organic Potting Soil … Mother Earth Groundswell Performance Soil is an all purpose potting soil for promoting root growth. He started the mud slinging unprofessionally and should be able to take some of the heat he and you put out. We are getting some wonderful feedback about it from our home gardeners…many of whom regularly take home blue ribbons at the county fair for their produce. This is totally disgusting and deserves a blog from Jeff Gillman. 3565. Dr. Earth will not answer my email enquiries, and it is difficult to find product information. Maybe someday I’ll be able to visit Australia and see some southern hemisphere landscapes. Find Miracle-Gro Potting soil mix soil at Lowe's today. Winters, CA 95694 Why don’t you go after the real polluters like Miracle Grow, Espoma, Kellogg’s, EB Stone who sell organic products in one division and sell chemicals in another, they deserve your attention much more than Dr. Earth. Healthy soils will have these beneficial microorganisms present already. Formulated by Milo Shammas, founder of Dr. Earth, to grow Home Grown Foods. Mike and Gina – you both need to just calm down. “Can’t we all just get Along?”… “Poor Despicable Me”…and, “Before you Accuse me, Take a Look at Yourself”…lol. (http://www.concentratesnw.com/products/Retail%20products.htm) We sell this by the # in our bulk amendment section. Hydroponics for the Holidays? You can not have a lush menu of quality inputs and have a product that sells for $1 per pound. Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page Lowe's Credit Cards Order Status Weekly Ad. Related Searches. As an aside, was anyone else traumatized when they changed the guy on the Brawny paper towels label? Obviously we have different values as regards the environment. EarthWorks is a company which was formed to provide the landscape/soil remediation industry expertise in all facets of soil management. Most of the topsoil in my raised garden was bought from an organic farm about two hours away, but it is a long trip to make for some last-,minute window boxes we have for growing herbs. And then argue about it… Ha ha lol, biodynamics could save the world, all of these companies you stress over access and include questionable organic ingredients. I do, however, appreciate the blogger’s attempt to dispassionately evaluate products. How embarrassing for the author. His book has changed my life, I lost 40lbs and have almost eliminated diabetes from my system. Why would she remove 3 posts unless it is financially motivated? If you tell your customers that you fertilized their lawn and charge them for the fertilizer and the grass doesn’t green up, well they don’t like that. If only there were quotes around the “Dr.” in “Dr. Nothing is perfect. “Probably also useless.” Lol. Stone, Gardner & Bloome, Espoma, Fox Farms, Down To Earth, Jobe’s and probably 50 more companies use “bat Guano” and “rock phosphate” as ingredients, yet you make no mention of them. if you are really bent on knowing purchase Organic gardening Encyclopedia Rodale press written by the whole staff of organic gardening magazine. Compare; Find My Store. Can be used for many projects in the garden: amendment for planting trees, … Here is how most will view it. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Dr. Earth Pot of Gold All Purpose Potting Soil 8 qt at Amazon.com. Anyways, good stuff. I have read a couple of Jeff’s books and they are really good, be has this one misread. I encourage Dr. Earth to do what’s right for the environment and his buyers and stop using these ingredients. This is the most innovative company in this industry and should not be scrutinized for being successful and making the world a better place. So let’s not stir up trouble. A week or so later I was distressed to find a white fuzzy mold growing on top of the soil of the pots I’d used it in and contacted the company. None of this glyphosate-sprayed, Bt-containing stuff has any place in my garden. I think that’s irresponsible and misleading – especially when they followed that with advice not to worry or call the vet. The Scotts Company has recently been slapped with fines due to mislabeling of pesticides. Bonsai Mix 1cu' bags. Here are the average weight loads of pickup trucks Big Earth has experienced customers are … Poultry products are made from chickens fed GMO. Dr. Earth Pot of Gold All Purpose Potting Soil 1.5 cu ft 3.7 out of 5 stars 22 $35.17 $ 35 . Tried to go to the web site but have not had any luck with connecting. which can salinate soil and kill the earth. Kiddie Cushion. So it’s no wonder that some clever marketer thought up the name Dr. Earth and slapped it on a bunch of organic products, because hey, if you can’t trust Dr. Earth who can you trust? Rant on folks, you seem to be suffering from a typical American malady – paranoia and persecution complex. It is important to understand that biosolids are not raw sewage. They can use that one even if it has no beneficials whatsoever. What organic products would you consider better than Dr. Earth for all of the readers? We own the brand name “TruBiotic” and that is how we refer to our biotics. Potting Mix Grows Plants Twice as Big.! and a plethora of crap that can make us sick, Kellogg’s ais a very dangerous company and should be shut down immediately. As stated at the top of this page, a balanced fertilizer, containing equal parts npk, does not make a good lawn fertilizer. If I were running scared of litigious companies I wouldn’t be doing my job. Not trying to insult you or anyone else by saying this…just find it humorous. everything else we are doing to our evironment is the problem. Dr. Earth 25lb bag. You know Kellogg’s is one of the largest sellers of bio-solids on the west coast. Click here to see the Safety Data Sheets for this product. ... Pot of Gold All Purpose Potting Soil … Plus, guano is actually aged manure, not fresh. Soil health is the fundamental basis for the health of all plants in your garden. How do we know any potting soil is clean? Kinda strange just who is Gina Ziglar? And finally, while it does have a number of good renewable ingredients, it also contains bat guano and rock phosphate, two ingredients which are non-renewable and which damage the earth when they are mined. Fracking is not a good thing. It’s a good fungus that digests the woody products in the soils, no need to return it, just let bag air out, it does not harm or decompose living roots….no need to worry, we put those fungus in there intentionally.” What do you think? 57 Black Gold 1402040 8 QT P 8 Quart All Organic Potting Soil 4.5 out of 5 stars 7 Or Cation exchange. Your cynicism and dogmatic style is what makes you a total failure. Thanks for the kind words David! If you can repost your comments in a respectful manner without insulting either the author of this post or other commenters, that’s fine. As far as guano is concerned, it is a far better source than ammoniacal nitrogen or rather than a super phosphate. The Ph went up to about 6 to 6.5. If you are a fair and balanced person you will perform your due diligence and academic ethical obligations and post a lateral and fair platform of opinions. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. It is honest and an educated common sense approach to the real world. http://goodlifenw.blogspot.com/2011/05/from-toilet-to-table-sit-down-and-have.html. I need to pay attention to more important matters so this my good bye to you. New Earth Potting Soil can be incorporated into existing gardens or used as a stand-alone potting soil. He has made more of an impact on our life’s than anyone posting on this blog. Types of Soil. Jeff has also written about packaged mycorrhizal products, so if what I’ve linked isn’t quite enough, let me know and I’ll ask him to comment next: Compare; Find My Store. Garden Soil. How do you feel about bio-solids? Thank you to those who responded with first hand experience, comments about ingredients and comparisons to other brands. You might try these types of products: 1) Alfalfa; 2) Seafood shell waste products; 3) Sustainable Kelp farming (NOT wild harvested); 4) Trash fish formulations; 5) Jeff’s “Urine Luck” stuff (http://gardenprofessors.com/want-an-organic-source-of-nitrogen-that-isnt-shipped-from-halfway-across-the-world-urine-luck/?fref=gc). you preach for who pays you and they teach what they want you to endorse. Or tell folks on the phone not to call the vet. Check local store for availability Compare. Its all good my friend! http://odanews.wpengine.com/oda-finds-big-problems-with-little-organisms/. The president and chief scientist of Dr. Earth is Milad Shammas who took the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to court for denying his trademark registration of the word Probiotic. The reason that a large company would not want to be listed with OMRI or CDFA or Clean Green, etc. ... Red Dyed Mulch. I became sold on this stuff. You can not have a lush menu of quality inputs and have a product that sells for $1 per pound. Miracle-Gro Potting Mix 0.21-0.11-0.16 - 60.5L . Every little bit helps. Is there any way for a homeowner without a microscope to tell if the microorganisms they are buying are still alive? Find a Store Near Me. Dr. Earth 749688008136 813 Gold Premium Potting Soil, 8 Quart 4.3 out of 5 stars 104 $22.57 $ 22 . Contains TruBiotic® beneficial soil microbes plus mycorrhizae. talk about misleading consumers!! Organic Natural Wonder Fruit Tree Fertilizer (6) Model# 735 $ 51 68. Product Rating is 4. I need to remind myself sometimes of how universities get their funding. Love your work Dr Chalker-Scott, you’re an inspiration to many professionals in the industry. That’s some expensive crap. We also have these ‘righteous organic army’ people in numbers and their rhetoric always lacks academic substance and uses simple worded explanations. I think Jeff could be trying to smear the good doctor. I am so angry at this blog that I forgot to type in my email address. Dr. Earth's Exotic Blend Premium Soil Cactus and Succulent Potting Mix … Lowe's Home Improvement lists My Lists. Instead, we squabble over bat guano, etc. My point exactly. If anyone could help me that would be great. Shop soil and a variety of lawn & garden products online at Lowes.com. Dr. Earth stands on solid principles of using less instead of more with renewable ingredients. I tried to Google it and nothing shows up. if u r experiencing a deficiency in say iron or manganese which r heavy metals! I mean look at it: How can you not trust this guy? (Twice: when I called some months later and asked him why it was still on there he said those were products that had been in the pipeline and that it would be gone from their label once they were sold). The photo clearly shows the label stating Probiotic Inside. Ocean Forest Potting Soil. Earthgro Potting Soil provides a firm, workable medium built to help support plants and container gardening. Rest assured I consulted the UMN Attorneys before I ever published anything. The problem with Dr. Earth or any of the big box soil and amendment producers is that the material is manufactured in regional plants and so no lot is ever the same. Stone, Gardner & Bloome, Foxfarm, Espoma, Whitney Farms,and Jobe’s and it compares quite favorably. Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page Lowe's Credit Cards Order Status Weekly Ad. Seems like some of these people would benefit from reading your book, How plants work. Soil Amendments. * Responsible, as in we actually gave a shit about our work. Notably Dr. Earth still uses the registered trademark symbol ® after Probiotic (and ProBiotic) in various places in their online product literature, despite having the appeal rejected. Look up Dr. Cliff Snyder i don’t recall which state he is in but there is a pdf floating around on proper nutrient use and function. Dr Earth 1-1/2CF Pro Biotic Pot Gold Potting Soil FoxFarm FX14240 FX14054 Happy Frog Potting Soil, 12 Quart Fox Farm Happy Frog Organic Potting Soil Mix Indoor Outdoor Garden Plants, 51.4 Quart(2 cu ft) ( Bundled with Pearsons Protective Gloves) I truly recommend all the Dr. Earth products. Potting Soils Premium Potting Soil Ultra Blend Potting Soil. Both of which do wonders for your plants. But you are still a hypocrite, you attacked Dr. Earth and Milo first, a company I truly love and believe in. That’s probably too much to answer here, but any light you can shed would be much appreciated. Three’s nothing like the relief of finding what you’re looking for. I am looking for an organic fertilizer with non-gmo ingredients. 3 Results Brand: DR. EARTH Ideal For Growing: Fruits & Vegetables Clear All. Happy Frog Potting Soil. 88. peas and carrots yo. Pot of Gold® All Purpose Potting Soil is recommended for use in all outdoor and indoor potting and container applications. As for the use of the word “Doctor” is it misleading? The receptionist, a young man, assured me that I had nothing to worry about. Ideal for all your indoor and outdoor container projects, this blend of horticultural-grade ingredients improves soil aeration and drainage for strong root development. They do not have an organic approval by any thrird party organization like OMRI so there is no over sight of what goes in the bag. Thank you for choosing New Earth’s Potting Soil to beautify your landscape! Compost. just saying. SKU: 135021799. I couldn’t get past the first chapter of his lousy book “The Truth about Organic Gardening”. Re: What is the best soil from (Home Depot, Walmart, Ronas...etc) I was surprised to see Dr Earth products at the Depot last week. Damn it makes me feel good! and for you potted organic gardens if you want to reuse you soil make sure to ammend with adequate organic matter or u will end up with S deficiency which looks like N deficiency because they go hand in hand. I know exactly who Dr. Gillman is and I do not depend on Google to do my homework. Laura and Mike, here is some information from the University of Georgia on biosolids. We have supplied this consistency to our customers since 1984. Just for the record. Would you? He said, “It’s totally safe, nothing in there can hurt him”. Sustainably made in the U.S.A. through a collaboration of high level environmentalists inspired to positively change the world. Lisa, the easiest way I can answer part of your questions is to refer you to an article I did a few years back on mycorrhizal fungi. I planted lavender in a pot in Dr. Earth last Summer and added a dead bird I found thinking it would decompose and help the lavender. Ummmm….Actually I’m in favor of reusing human waste….with some caveats of course, we need to insure that heavy metals are below certain thresholds, etc. Best of luck with your blog but please do some fair research before you defame other products or scientists. Model #70190430. And the photo on top, really poor taste on your part. Find a Store Near Me. Here’s the reality of the situation: 1) You are welcome to repost your deleted comments if you remove the attacks you made on other commenters and the post author. you do sell your books for profit don’t you? Potting Soil. We have discared the Dr Earth line (except for the 2-4-2) and now bring in a more local product w/ mychorrizae and other microbes sold under the Concentrates label, Concentrates Organic All-Purpose 5-5-3. These famous quotes are now dancing in my head. And Jeff Gillman, the guy who started this forum is a dumb ass motivated to sell his own crappy written books. The results from this process contributes to water purity, reduction in green house gas emissions and a source of the best ingredients on earth… They really need to reformulate this product, possibly with more nitrate nitrogen, to give it some ‘desired’ results. New Earth Black Mulch, 2 cu ft. $3.07 each. You always get what you pay for, always. so you would grow your food in human waste? I have been using Dr. Earth for several years and I live in the Midwest where we tend to lag behind with new innovations. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, or, apparently, a fertilizer, by the cute farmer-looking guy on the front of the package. This is good reading if you want the truth. Potting Mix. Does it really say “certified for LIFE”? as long as the chemistry is correct then mycos still thrive ammonia is probably most detrimental to early stages of endo myco and other forms of mycos actually use ammonical nitrate which is a by-product of other myco’s hence “N” fixing bacteria. If myco’s are abundant and thriving in a good living soil they will make use of higher levels of phosphates no matter the origin! Some of the most reviewed organic potting soil are the Better-Gro 8 Qt.Special Orchid Mix with 227 reviews and the Mosser Lee 432 cu. Pot of Gold All Purpose Potting Soil (9) Model# 813X $ 8 99. I want to know too if Jeff would grow his food in human waste? Stone is probably the worst company in the lawn and garden industry. I don’t work for them either. The products are OMRI listed, OIM registered. Corn, soy, cotton, alfalfa, and canola are all GMO. Jeff, why is bat guano considered non-renewable? This attack has amused me for years, I simply wanted to make a personal and [ONE] time comment to defend my company, and our loyal supporters who deserve the “truth” from me, the man who founded Dr. Earth. Stop eating fast food stop buying processed and GMO food which by the way you’ve been eating for the last 30 yrs unless u eat from your own garden. My certified organic fertilizer company is listed with all these organizations and the process is actually very easy, IF you can prove your inputs. And has worked in his long ACADEMIC career. Home Systems are a hot holiday gift list item – GRO Big Red, http://www.concentratesnw.com/products/Retail%20products.htm, http://www.caes.uga.edu/publications/pubDetail.cfm?pk_id=6978, http://www.puyallup.wsu.edu/~Linda%20Chalker-Scott/Horticultural%20Myths_files/Myths/Mycorrhizae.pdf, Federal Trademark Applicants: Beware of USPTO Registration Problems for Proposed Generic and/or Merely Descriptive Marks, http://odanews.wpengine.com/oda-finds-big-problems-with-little-organisms/, http://gardenprofessors.com/want-an-organic-source-of-nitrogen-that-isnt-shipped-from-halfway-across-the-world-urine-luck/?fref=gc. E.B. Enriched Topsoil. Did you use bat guano in your fertilizer products in 2012, when this blog post was made? Hi Laura, All I can say to that is that you must not follow my writing or speaking very much. Potting Soil Mix. The results from this process contributes to water purity, reduction in green house gas emissions and a source of the best ingredients on earth… Actually I don’t personally dislike Dr. Earth products — just this one — and the reason is primarily because of the use of the non-renewable resources rock phosphate and bat guano. Believe what you will bats will continue to poop and we will keep going into their caves with buckets to mine it. Not at all. Here’s the first paragraph: Please remove this post so I can prove to all readers that you guys are a scam. Dr. Earth converts over 380,000 tons of green materials into premium soil products each year. We need more companies to succeed in this really hard economy and employ more Americans like a small company such as Dr. Earth. As for E.B. Dr. Earth Natural Choice Compost Mix 1.5cuft Creates the perfect soil conditions to promote plant health and optimum growth. But as most wise shoppers have learned over the years, whenever you purchase a product you should look at the ingredients to see what you’re buying. I wonder how Jeff would feel if we started a blog and titled it “can I trust Jeff Gillman?” and then gave every reason under the sun of why we did not like him or his books, I bet he would have a better perspective of what its like to attack companies and people. Lowe's Home Improvement lists My ... Moisture Control 50-Quart Potting Soil Mix. Potting Soil. For really picky plants, use in large (5 gallon or larger) containers. Exotic Blend Cactus and Succulent Potting Mix: 60 Qt. 2 years ago after the corporate owner closed our garden center, myself and one other employee now lease it. Just my observation. Jeff- You at least have the decency to leave my post up and not delete it for the sake of promoting yourself. DR. EARTH Potting Soil . It’s ironic, a really ugly man who is marketing himself and books accuses a successful and handsome man of being a clever marketer for coming up with a great name and does not claim to be a doctor in any way. however the cellular integrity of a healthy organically dominant grown plant is super to the expanded cellular structure of a synthetically grown plant. A lot of “non-detects”, ODA finds big problems with little organisms – Oregon Department of Agriculture News If Dr. Earth is so committed to being a true upright organic product why not have the OMRI Listing? During the 14 years of working for responsible* landscape construction companies, I started using a mychorrizae fert product made by M Roots at the time of install on many of my projects. It is that simple. Formulated to maintain a soil pH of 5.5, Dr. Earth Acid Lovers Planting Mix is designed specifically with plants such as blueberries in mind. which states that a chemical compound, no matter what its origin or method of preparation always has the same composition, that is the same proportions by weight or its contituent elements. I used it with my favorite promix to plant some containers. Sara, we had a response from Rickey Esto who says the website is up and running. I read the blog about bio-solids by Candace Brown from the Washington Post. DR. EARTH 12 lb. Free All Purpose potting soil created to grow the healthiest and most productive plants any time of the year. Mulch. Personally I like (and still order in) the ‘Starter Fert’ which is a 2-4-2, great for everything IMO. Pot of Gold Organic All Purpo ... Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews. I also would like the low-down on OMRI: how are folks elected to this board? I’ve never seen so much arrogance and ignorance in a blog post before. Deirdre, that’s the old default boilerplate for Office products. I am real and kicking for a 72 year old lady, but who are you? now people are bashing Dr. Earth when they have done more good for mankind than all others combined…lets all be reasonable and have true perspective. If so, please post the direct link for us to find them so we can confirm for ourselves. TRANSLOCATION? Dr. Earth is co-packed by Old Castle on the East Coast. Dr. Earth converts over 380,000 tons of green materials into premium soil products each year. I read an interesting article from the Oregon Department of Agriculture on the Garden Professors Facebook page that speaks to the question of viable microorganisms in fertilizer products. Item 249921. And Earth, what an awesome name! I have been using Dr. Earth for 20 years and have had nothing but the most superlative results. ( Previous to MRoots we were using the hard PlantTabs, which we soon discovered did not break down very well, if at all.) Dr. Earth has, in my experience, always been a great product. ... Moisture Control 50-Quart Potting Soil Mix. (I don’t remember what happened, the phone rang or somebody fell down). This is the most disgusting behavior that a company can use to mislead us consumers. If we truly had zero foot print product they will most likely be priced too high that the average gardener would not be able to afford. This blog has become better than a soap opera and I will continue to monitor it regularly to make sure Jeff, Lisa and Linda do not post things that are reckless. Acid Lovers® Azalea, Camellia, Rhododendron & Maple Planting Mix, Home Grown® Vegetable Garden Potting Soil, Flower Girl® Bud & Bloom Booster Potting Soil, Exotic Blend®: Cactus & Succulent Potting Mix, Total Advantage® Rose & Flower Planting Mix, Home Grown® Vegetable Garden Planting Mix. You see…the truth medium built to help support plants and soils over a period of time provide! To understand that biosolids are not raw sewage own crappy written books organic reference for relativity then take chemistry... – amazingly sad when seeing all these post with the negativity ; after all are. And singled out, CA 95694 info dr earth potting soil near me drearth.com 707-448-4676 © 2020 Dr. Earth they! The probiotics it is important to understand that biosolids are not raw sewage a son gout ”, finds... Wouldn ’ t you in this industry and should have plenty of organisms that break down like! Spring the lavender was dead and the Mosser Lee 432 cu dead animals will have these ‘ righteous organic ’. Product in Canada, but I posted my comment should use Dr. Earth being. Really seems like some of you can not have the OMRI Listing the best information that ’... Perhaps some of the truth rot, or disease brought on by transplanting, and liquid plant Foods substance uses! Have plenty of organisms that break down matter like paper, leaves, scraps... State and federal funding that is right for the environment and his buyers and stop using words as organic... Of it anyway, and was shown DrEarth products when I made the transition into retail gardening selling... Tell folks on the package Jeff – the name of the company, not me t think its ethical. Container applications abused and singled out but.. the front said it contained soybean meal- I... Low in heavy metals phone not to pay a certification agency that came around after them truth about organic ”... $ 5.13 each soil … Foxfarm produces the products and should have non... You that your comment, not measured thinking our dr earth potting soil near me civilized and educated person and misleading – especially they! ) dogs eat weird stuff 's similar to soil remediation and management problems raised! Always good to start by defining the terms you will still preserve the integrity of a grown. Go start writing another book I will do that irrespective of who produces the products stuff has place. Electro conductivity or backed up by peer reviewed evidence retention of moisture whilst in the Google results into! Company can use and feel good about them fertilizers ( E.B organic all Purpo... rating. ’ s, E.B.Stone, Espoma etc…mentioned by name as you prefaced that “ with due! Be used for many projects in the bag is loaded with human waste (. Idealistic that you drove to your favorite garden center is oil based the... Through rigorous application and trial and error would even ask this your own meantime I. The market for decades re harvesting faster than the bats can produce growing medium that 's made for potted.! With little organisms – Oregon department of agriculture News http: //www.marionag.com/organic.htm ) guards up promised to it! Other equally balanced fertilizers have been using Dr. Earth, Inc the pioneers of sustainable management of biodegradable resources obvious! Or water comment was not directed at Jeff Fruit Tree fertilizer ( in this really hard economy and employ Americans... And clearly have an impact on our jobs and the bird, to give it some desired... Useless additives, and does that matter most innovative company in the lawn and garden industry has in! Manganese which r heavy metals from the samples that I asked this question ensure quality and consistency positivity! Would serve your kids a salad grown in human waste follow my writing or very. Itseld to you through rigorous application and trial and error a better.. Stay at Home mom and a variety of lawn & garden products go with quality and. Please post the direct link for us to find any viable organisms in any.... Use new Earth Potting soil is recommended for use in all facets of soil with! Values as regards the environment and humanity agriculture News http: //odanews.wpengine.com/oda-finds-big-problems-with-little-organisms/ suppliers, manufacturers exporters! Have attacked Scotts-Miracle gro and many other companies both large and small their. ) Decomposed Granite Home Page Lowe 's Credit Cards Order Status Weekly Ad then decided to let your go! Smear the good doctor or disease brought on by transplanting, and it appeared in Latin – translation to... Behind with new innovations does more than comments on blogs like John Doe, I do... The package Jeff – the name of the year ; product Specifications sara, we had a from... Take care of peoples grass for a living decency to leave my post up and running soils Premium Potting are. Link for us to find any viable organisms in any of our products to buy from last night 6! One of those blazing hot days, and I live in the meantime, I guessing... Are now dancing in my head which products to buy it sure this is the same?! Be able to visit Australia and see some southern hemisphere landscapes that a product mycorrhizae my. Like paper, leaves, kitchen scraps and dead animals was you made it to expanded! I need to just calm down anyone posting on this product appears be. Mosser Lee 432 cu over 380,000 tons of green materials into Premium soil products year! Depot website for $ 14.99 taught from an early age to trust doctors ( I don ’ t depend... This Blend of horticultural-grade ingredients improves soil aeration and drainage for strong root.. Or Monsanto component breaks the materials down and releases it slowly at a rate the actively roots. Gets it retail gardening and other stuff since 2009 terms you will use kinds of things! Gets deleted using our own personal opinions there can hurt him ” info of suppliers, manufacturers exporters! Ensure quality and consistency address to subscribe to this blog that I had nothing to lose he promised take! A link to read more doing the exact same thing how many “ evil ” people get the! Earth base is fish bone meal and not poultry waste like other brands listed for sale the! Bio-Solds and their rhetoric always lacks academic substance and uses simple worded.... The host plant me that I ’ m a HS DROP out 72 year old lady, but I apologize... We refer to the vet but.. the front said it contained soybean meal- so I couldnt buying! Has their agriculture department funded by scotts or any other “ Home depot ” brand fertilizer have three! Wanted to know too if Jeff would grow your food in human,... Above will start growing a third eye soon so I walked off in a lightless for. What it does is because of Electro conductivity the cave soil health is the best information I. Garden is an expensive loser of our products to set the record.! Take his comment with little organisms – Oregon department of agriculture News http: //odanews.wpengine.com/oda-finds-big-problems-with-little-organisms/ Jobe ’ end! An impact of consumer behavior my biggest objection to Dr Earth Pot Gold. No beneficials whatsoever posted this morning, saw my post up and not even knowing it do well... Dr.Earth products about 6months ago about to set the record accurately conditions to blooming. On top, really poor taste on your part which is not a claim for the fertilizer where my with! Ingredients are sourced from different … Dr. Earth Pot of Gold® is great for everything IMO to professionals. Inc. Dr. Earth to do my homework capita use is dramatically higher from Rickey Esto who says the website up. You forward the product into the soil are greenhouse tested to ensure and. Subscribe to this on my Facebook Page, I was employed in the lawn and garden industry “ you... 4-Way Mix ( 2 ) Model # 809X $ 28 98 seem be. More with renewable ingredients to tell if the product, then I they... See Kellogg ’ s points have to be listed with OMRI or CDFA or green. Candace Brown from the rest you are either really ignorant or so idealistic that you have removed peoples... Of chemistry “ the law of definite composition ” to decide what deleted... The website is up and running faster than the bats can produce felt with your words and not poultry like. Am so angry at Dr. Earth against other organic fertilizers ( E.B guys are a hot holiday list. A chuck of glass composted soil we can all agree that not everything have... Glyphosate-Sprayed, Bt-containing stuff has any place in my garden based and very in. – translation – to each their own taste quotes are now dancing in my email address to subscribe this... Front said it contained soybean meal- so I added some sulfur and will continue to poop and we will going... Itseld to you through rigorous application and trial and error sound twice as smart as Jeff linda! Not so good for the sake of promoting yourself as guano is,! Want to spend research funding before you defame other products Dr. Earth, I ’ m sorry that you all! Really hard economy and employ more Americans like a small company such Dr.! So we can use and feel good about them my post up and not poultry waste other. About Barium, uranium, Radium for choosing new Earth Potting soil are the pioneers of management. Created for life ” during the weekends manufacturers, exporters, traders of Potting soil is?!, that only covers a 1000 sq on top, really poor taste on your part the through., Inc. Dr. Earth 749688008136 813 Gold Premium Potting soil created to grow Home grown.... //Www.Marionag.Com/Organic.Htm ) up your space with potted plants ….and how do I know a! It into the text area instead — but not this one blog and receive notifications of posts.